Bringing a new slant to the world of cello, LUSH is a group of four cellists breaking away from the classical world. With cellists Mary-Katherine Finch, Orly Bitov, Rachel Pomedli and Wendy Solomon, LUSH has been playing to packed rooms and enthusiastic audiences.With playfulness, bravado and a range of emotional flavour, LUSH takes the best of the cello and magnifies it to create their distinctive sound. Together since 2005, the group's four stunningly talented cellists perform a unique repertoire that includes Jazz and Latin standards, Broadway and Popular songs beautifully arranged just for LUSH.

The cello has a real flair for reaching into your soul and pulling out deep emotions, so often underscoring intense scenes of passion. Now...imagine four lovely cellists tugging at your heartstrings.
Luxurious harmonies and smooth tonality make LUSH as rich as the darkest chocolate. Agility and flexibility make LUSH sparkle like champagne. Have a listen to Canada's newest 'tenors'.

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